The Harmar Pinnacle is flat out the finest straight stair lift on the market. No other stair lift has its combination of quality, strength and beauty.

For one thing, the Pinnacle is the only stair lift that doesn’t require grease on the track, so it’s the cleanest stair lift available. It has a unique, patented helical coil worm gear made of a high-strength polymer. Virtually all other stair lifts have a steel rack and pinion drive system that must be greased periodically. With a Pinnacle, you’ll never have to apply grease or worry about getting grease on something.

Built Strong

The Pinnacle is built strong – the standard model has a 350 lbs. weight carrying capacity. It is available with a Heavy Duty option which increases the weight capacity to 600 lbs. We recommend the Pinnacle to all of our large customers.

It Looks Great!

The Pinnacle is often selected over other models because of esthetic considerations. Due to its elegant looks, the Pinnacle is often chosen for front foyers of upscale homes. The Pinnacle’s aluminum rail is anodized to preserve its new appearance, and comes in silver or bronze. Optional colors are also available for the seat, which is comfortable and height-adjustable .

When mounted tight to the wall and folded up, a Pinnacle extends only 11″ from the wall.

Highest Quality & 10-Year Track Warranty

There is no higher quality stair lift on the market than the Pinnacle. It comes with a 10-year track warranty and a 3-year parts warranty. We are rarely called out to service Pinnacles because they run beautifully for years and years. Other stair lift companies charge more for their models, but their models are not as well built as the Pinnacle and certainly aren’t worth more money.

Mechanical Folding Rail

The Pinnacle is a good choice when you need to fold the rail up and out of the way at the bottom of the stairs. It can come with a mechanical folding rail, which we prefer over the manual and power folding rails available with other models. With a mechanical folding rail, you don’t have to bend over and lift it up or worry about an electrical problem – it folds up by itself as the chair climbs the stairs.

A Great Investment

For all of these reasons, many of our customers conclude that the Pinnacle is worth an extra few hundred dollars, and we agree.

Call us if you have any questions or would like a price quote. You couldn’t make a better choice!

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