The Handicare Xclusive is an excellent mid-market straight stair lift, especially when power options are required. If you need a Power Swivel Seat or a Power Folding Footrest, the Xclusive will save you money.

Power Footrest

Stair lift footrests can be folded up and out of the way. This is usually done manually, by bending over and pulling it up or using your foot to lift it up. But, some of our customers don’t have the flexibility or strength to do this. With a power footrest, your footrest can be raised by simply pushing a button on the chair!

Power Swivel Seat

In order to protect against a fall, all stair lifts are designed to swivel away from the stairs at the top so the passenger dismounts with the seat behind him or her. To swivel the seat, the passenger must be able to move his or her feet off of the footrest onto the floor and twist.

Some of our customers don’t have the core strength to swivel the seat manually. So, with a power swivel seat, the seat automatically swivels by itself at the top of the steps!

Best Value

Other models offer power swivel seats and footrests, but they are much more expensive. The Handicare Xclusive actually costs less with a power swivel seat and footrest than some other stair lifts cost without these options!

Great Looking

Many of our customers think the Xclusive is more attractively designed than other models. It has a clean annodized rail and a comfortable padded seat.

The Exclusive is an excellent option for homeowners who need power options on a straight stair lift. Call us today for a quote! We’ll save you money.

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