Simply stated, the Handicare Simplicity is the best value on the stair lift market. Despite having all of the features of more expensive models, it costs much less, while performing beautifully. We have hundreds of happy customers gliding safely up and down on their Simplicity stair lifts.

The Simplicity is a straight stair lift, meaning that it can only be installed on stairs that go straight up, with no turns or landings on the way. If your stairs are straight, a Simplicity is an excellent option for you.

Smooth & Safe Ride

A Simplicity glides up and down a sturdy aluminum rail which is firmly secured to your steps. A seat belt is provided for extra protection. At the top, the seat swivels so the passenger can dismount onto the top level with the seat behind, protecting against a fall. The ride is comfortable, quiet and smooth. The rider is safe and secure.

Strong & Dependable

Simplicity stair lifts are built strong and carry up to 300lbs. Built to run for many years, they come with a lifetime warranty on the motor and gearbox. They rarely need service and run for as long as they are needed.

Considering how many Simplicity stair lifts we have installed, it’s amazing how infrequently we are called out for service. But, should you need our help, we’re ready when you need us!


The footrest, seat, and arms of a Simplicity fold up and out of the way when not in use, leaving plenty of room for others. When a Simplicity is mounted tight to the wall it extends less than 12″, which is considerably less than other models.

An added perk is that the Simplicity batteries will stay charged no matter where the stair lift is parked. Many other stair lifts must be parked at the top or bottom, where they may be in the way.

Zero Intrusion at the Top

Some stairways have a door at the top or bottom, especially basement stairs, with little or no space between the steps and the door. Since the rail of a standard stair lift extends at the top and bottom of the stairs, it could prevent the door from closing.

The Zero Intrusion option utilizes taller rail supports and a special footrest to enable us to end the rail short of your door. This way, doors can be closed when the stair lift isn’t being used. The Zero Intrusion option, costing only $250, is also used to prevent the rail from protruding into foot traffic areas.

Folding Rail at the Bottom

A standard stair lift rail extends beyond the bottom step about 12″, stopping just short of the floor. The extended rail might get in the way of foot traffic or a door. If so, A Simplicity can be ordered with a manual folding rail that can be folded up at the bottom, or a power sliding track that slides up when the chair goes up and down when the chair goes down. We would be happy to discuss these safety options with you.


We monitor our competitors’ products and prices and are absolutely confident in our pricing. Lifelong Stairlifts offers the lowest pricing you will find anywhere for a Simplicity or a stair lift of comparable quality.

Please call us before deciding where to buy. We’ll give you a firm quote over the phone and you’ll save money!

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