The Handicare Freecurve is the most technologically advanced and attractive custom curved stair lift on the market. That’s why we recommend it to all of our customers unless there is a good reason to consider another model. The Freecurve is undoubtedly the best choice for most curved stairways.

Elegant, Single Rail

While most curved stair lifts ride on two rails or an unsightly steel girder, the Freecurve glides on a single tubular rail that flows elegantly up the stairs. With multiple style and color options, the Freecurve blends well into even the most luxurious surroundings. The Freecurve is almost always the choice of our most discriminating customers, and for good reason.

The Freecurve works beautifully on almost any curved stairway, no matter how exotic or unusual. It can be mounted on the “inside” or “outside” of a turn, on either side of the stairs. It can be ordered with wrap-around park stations at the top and bottom so it is out of sight when not in use.

Turn & Go Option

For narrow stairways, the Freecurve can be ordered with the Turn & Go option. With this option, the seat travels at a 45 degree angle to the wall, creating more room for the passenger’s knees. The Freecurve is also ideal for steep stairways.


Other options available with a Freecurve include:

  • A drop nose or power folding rail for the bottom to minimize interference with foot traffic,
  • An Active seat option that helps the passenger stand up from the seat, and
  • A power illuminated footrest option.

The Freecurve is more technologically advanced than any other curved stair lift on the market. It is computerized to a much greater degree. For example, instead of employing mechanical safety stops at the top and bottom, the Freecurve has a computerized control card that tells it when it has reached the top or bottom. This means it has fewer moving mechanical parts that can fail!

Consequently, Freecurves also provide years of trouble-free service to our customers.

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