The HandiCare 2000 has proved over the years to be a dependable, affordable stair lift for curved stairways. We have installed 2000s on many stairway configurations, such as stairs with landings and 90 or 180 degree turns, stairs with triangular steps and spiral stairways.

The 2000 is ideally suited for narrow stairways, tight turns and small landings because it fits closer to the wall than other models. In these situations we recommend the 2000 to maximize space for others using the stairs.

Built Strong & Flexible

The 2000 has a weight capacity of 250 lbs., with a Heavy Duty option available to increase the capacity to 300 lbs. The seat glides on two tubular rails that are secured to the steps. The 2000 can come with wrap-around “Park Stations” at the top or bottom so the chair is parked around a corner and out of the way. It can also be ordered with an intermediate Park Station so the passenger can stop and get off at a landing. This is particularly useful in split-level homes.

Customizable Options

Numerous customizable options are available with the HandiCare 2000, including:

  • Multiple seat styles and colors;
  • Multiple track colors;
  • Power Folding Rail at the Bottom;
  • Power Swivel Seat;
  • Power Footrest.

A Great Investment & Free Quotes

The price of a HandiCare 2000 starts at about $8,500 installed, depending on the configuration of your stairs. We’ll give you an accurate estimate if you’ll describe your stairway to us over the phone or text or email us photos. Then, we’ll come to your home with our laser camera to survey your stairs and make sure your stair lift will fit as close to the wall as possible. When we’re done, we’ll leave you with a firm written quote!

There is no charge for any of this. If you decide to place an order, we’ll require a 50% deposit. The balance will be due at installation. There is a four – six week lead time on all 2000s, so please call us today if you have any questions or would like a quote.

Call us today if you have any questions or would like a quote! We’re here to help you in any way possible!

Please call for a price estimate or to schedule a FREE in-home stairway evaluation!
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