WStair Lift Plymouth, MIe were recently contacted by the daughter of a gentleman who needed a curved stair lift in Plymouth, MI. She told us her father wanted to stay in his two-story home, but was having trouble climbing the stairs. She put a hospital bed in the dining room for him, but the only shower was on the second floor. She was worried he might fall climbing the stairs to get to the shower. She got a quote to install a shower on the main floor, but was hoping to find a less expensive solution that didn’t require any home remodeling.

The stairway was what we call a “90 degree curve”, meaning that the stairs go up to a landing and then turn 90° to the left or right before continuing up to the top. This is a common stairway configuration.

We inspected the stairway and recommended a Handicare Freecurve custom curved stairlift. We believe the Freecurve is the finest curved stair lift on the market. It is also very price competitive.

Our customer was concerned that her father might fall down the stairs when getting on and off the stair lift at the top of the stairs. We pointed out that the seat of a Handicare Freecurve swivels away from the stairway at the top of the stairs to prevent the passenger from falling down the stairs. She was still worried about a fall because of his poor balance, so we recommended a 180° park station at the top of the stairs. With a 180° park station, the rail wraps around a wall or railing at the top of the stairs so the passenger dismounts away from the stairs, eliminating the risk of falling down the stairs while getting on or off the stair lift.

Our customer accepted our recommendation and her father is now gliding up and down the stairs safely and comfortably on his Handicare Freecurve curved stair lift in Plymouth, MI!

Stair Lift Plymouth, MI

Stair Lift Plymouth, MI

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