This photo shows how little space the Freecurve takes up when the arms, seat and footrest are folded up.

We recently installed a Handicare Freecurve curved stair lift in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Our customer and her disabled husband were downsizing. She had fallen in love with an upscale two-story condo, but her husband was unable to climb the stairs safely. After inspecting the stairway, we recommended a Handicare Freecurve custom curved stair lift, the most attractive, technologically advanced curved stair lift on the market.

90 Degree Park Station Solution

Our customer was concerned about the stair lift getting in the way at the bottom of the stairs. So she ordered a “90 degree park station”. The photo above shows the Freecurve parked at the bottom of the stairs at the park station, around the corner and out of the way.

This photo shows the Freecurve parked on the overrun at the top.

Our customer also wanted to make it as easy and safe as possible for her husband to get off the stair lift at the top of the stairs, so she ordered a top “overrun”. With a Freecurve, a top overrun is available for no additional charge beyond the cost of the rail, which is minimal.

Affordable and Convenient

Our customer was also concerned about the narrowness of her stairway. But, when the Freecurve is folded up it doesn’t take up much room at all! It’s the perfect solution.

Perhaps best of all, the Freelift is remarkably affordable. Our customer was amazed that it cost less than she had been quoted for models she didn’t like nearly as much.

Conclusion: If you need a curved stair lift, you should seriously consider the Freelift!

Contact us with any questions regarding stairlift installation or purchase. We would gladly assist you in finding the perfect stairlift to match your staircase.

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