We recently installed a stair lift for a customer in Mount Prospect with a common basement door issue: “Will I be able to close the basement door at the top of the steps once my new stair lift is installed?”

The customer had a short flight of stairs with a door right at the top. The rail for a standard stair lift would extend beyond the “nose” of the upper level, which would prevent the door from closing. This was a big problem because our Mount Prospect customer needed to be able to close the door to keep her dog out of the basement.

Other stair lift dealers had told this customer that she would have to remove the door to accommodate a stair lift. Not true!

A “Zero Intrusion” option is available only with the Handicare Simplicity straight stair lift. This option, which costs only $250, uses longer rail supports and a modified footrest to enable us to cut the rail off right at the top of the stairs.

So, our customer in Mount Prospect was able to solve her basement door issue without removing her basement door.

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