This is probably the question we are asked most frequently. Here’s what you need to know about pricing as you shop for a stair lift:

Stair Lift Prices Vary

Prices for residential stair lifts vary widely from dealer to dealer and from make to make. Some models are built better and therefore cost more. Some dealers simply charge more than other dealers.

A new, straight, residential stair lift without options should cost between $2,500 and $3,400, installed. Our value model, the Handicare Simplicity, is one of our most affordable models. The Simplicity is the least expensive high quality straight stair lift on the market. We have the lowest price you’ll find anywhere for a Simplicity. We also offer a premium stair lift model, the Harmar Pinnacle. There’s no better stair lift on the market than the Pinnacle, so anything more expensive than that is overpriced.

Our Stair Lift Recommendations

We recommend against buying a stair lift from the out-state internet companies that offer to save you money by shipping you a stair lift to install yourself. It’s a lot more difficult to install a stair lift than they will admit. If you run into a problem, you’ll be on your own. We believe you’ll save money in the long run by purchasing your stairlift from a local company that will install and service it for you – like us!

Beware of dealers who will not give you  their best price (or any price) over the phone. They just want to corner you in your home where they will pressure you to pay too much. We’ll give you our price up front.

Custom curved residential stair lifts cost a lot more than straight stair lifts because they have to be manufactured one at a time. A “curved” stair lift is any stairlift with a bent rail. Generally speaking, curved stair lifts start at about $8,500. Depending on the layout of the stairway, they can come to more than $10,000. We often need to see and measure the stairs before giving a firm quote for a curved stair lift.

If you have any questions about stair lift prices, please contact us. You might save some money!





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