A customer in Naperville needed a straight stair lift for her front stairs, but she had a problem. Her front door was right at he bottom of the stairs. When you enter the home through the front door, you must make an immediate right turn to go up the stairs to the second floor. The stairs run up the front wall of the home. Normally, we would mount the stairlift on the right (exterior wall) side of these stairs. But in this case, the rail at the bottom would interfere with the front door. So we had a Naperville stair lift issue.

The customer could have ordered a straight stair lift with a folding or sliding rail option at the bottom. These options would move the rail out of the way of the door when the stair lift isn’t in use. Folding rails can be manual, mechanical or electrically powered. The Harmar Pinnacle has a particularly nice mechanical folding rail. The Handicare Simplicity has a unique power sliding rail option that moves the rail up and down and out of the way at the top or bottom. These options run $975 and $895, respectively.

Instead, our customer decided to mount her new Pinnacle on the left side of the stairs, away from the door. This eliminated the door interference, but created a different issue – the risk of tripping over the rail. A stair lift rail normally extends about a foot past the noses of both the top and bottom steps. If the rail extends into a traffic flow area, someone could accidentally trip over it. Many of our customers eliminate this risk by placing a piece of furniture or an ornamental item next to the rail extension. Customers who live alone aren’t as concerned, because they know that when they are upstairs or downstairs, their stair lift will be parked on that end of the rail, preventing them from tripping.

Our customer was a widow, living alone in her home in Naperville. So she was perfectly comfortable with the rail extensions. And she saved almost a thousand dollars. We solved our Naperville stair lift issue!


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