We were called out to the home of a Skokie stair lift customer who needed a stair lift for her basement stairs. She was afraid of falling on her way down the stairs to her basement laundry, and found it very difficult to climb back up the stairs. The stairway was narrow and there was a door right at the top, as is often the case with basement steps.

We informed our customer that she would either have to remove the door at the top of the stairs to make room for the stair lift rail, or purchase a zero intrusion package which is available only with the Handicare Simplicity straight stair lift.
She opted to remove the door and go with a Harmar Pinnacle for her basement stairs, for a couple of reasons. First of all, it is well-suited for a narrow stairway because it extends less than 12″ from the wall when the seat, arms and footrest are folded up. Other models take up much more space. This was especially important here, because we didn’t want her knees to bump into the door jam when she swiveled the seat to get off at the top. Secondly, she loved the Pinnacle’s unique no-grease drive system.

The Pinnacle fit perfectly. There’s plenty of room for her husband to get by and our customer is able to use her basement laundry without fear of injuring herself and without the pain she had suffered in the past.

Have narrow stairs and trying to figure out how to efficiently implement a stair lift? We have seen all configurations. Contact us for help!

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