Custom Installation

Last week we installed a beautiful Harmar Helix custom curved stairlift for a customer in Evanston. The stairs ran up to a landing, turned 90 degrees right, and continued to the top (what we call a standard 90 degree bend). It was an older home and there wasn’t much room. Our customer was having great difficulty just getting upstairs to his bedroom. But he had lived there for 17 years and his family wanted to stay.

Great Pricing

Curved stair lifts are normally priced depending on the number of bends in the rail. The Helix is the only curved stairlift that offers a “bundle” price. This price includes all bends in the rail, however many. With the bundle price, our customer’s Helix came with free top and bottom overruns that would have pushed the cost of any other curved stair lift over $10,000. His cost was only $8,995.

Our customer couldn’t be happier with his new Helix. It stays out of the way when not in use and leaves plenty of room for his wife and daughter. He no longer dreads climbing the stairs.

This is what we love about our business – seeing the tremendous positive impact our stair lifts have on the lives of our customers.

If you have a complicated stairlift with many turns, give us a call. We can give you a quote for an affordable custom stairlift.


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